Does your four-year-old adore the old keyboard in the closet more than all the stuffies, all the toy trucks, and all the princess gowns?

Think your four-year-old is too young for piano lessons? Think again!

The Wunderkeys for Preschoolers approach provides an age-appropriate, hands-on, story-based, and fun experience that encourages exploration of the piano and development of many musical concepts that children need to grasp before learning to read traditional music notation.

An encouraging first experience in music lessons is critical to your child’s long-term enjoyment of the piano, or any other instrument. Wunderkeys Piano for Preschoolers is that and more!  

Limited spaces are available for private, 30-minute piano lessons with one of our Wunderkeys instructors.  To learn more, visit our Wunderkeys page here!

And don’t forget to save your spot on our WUNDERKEYS OPEN HOUSE DAY on Wednesday, August 21st! Click here to save your spot for a complimentary “meet & greet” lesson with one of our Wunderkeys piano instructors.