So your child is finally embarking on his or her dreams of being a rockstar / singer-songwriter / next Andy McKee.  Awesome!

There’s a funny old saying in the music world: “String instruments grow with you, but brass and woodwinds are forever.” (And we could add pianos and other percussion to the latter half of that…).

What does that mean?  Whereas instruments like trumpets and clarinets and flutes are made in one size, string instruments – both bowed strings like the violin family, and fretted instruments like the guitar – come in a variety of sizes to suit players of all ages and sizes.

Unless your young musician is a teenager, a full-size guitar is probably way to big for his or her fingers, so before you dust off your old college Fender or head to the local music store, talk to your child’s music teacher about what size would be best.

But, if you’re looking to get a guitar as a gift or are confident doing your own research, check out this article, which has all the details about fractional-size guitars and how to find the best one for your young musician.  This page also lists the exact Yamaha models that we recommend for our young beginning guitar students!

Congrats to your child on his or her new musical journey!

(An example of a guitar that is much too big for its player)