Chris was an avid listener of music as a young child and began to replicate sounds he liked by the age of 7. At this age he began his classical training, but he continued to have a passion for demystifying the music that put him in awe. By 12 he was jamming with local hometown musicians and learning other instruments such as drums, guitar, and bass.

At 16, Chris branched out into education, teaching private lessons in the Putnam and Westchester area.  He began studying under the renowned performer and teacher Jon Swift, focusing on jazz, theory, and improvisation. Chris absorbed Swift’s modern, colorful, communicative piano techniques and shortly thereafter was accepted into the SUNY New Paltz Jazz Program. 

At SUNY New Paltz, Chris studied privately under local legends Vinnie Martucci and Larry Ham.  From both of these teachers Chris was trained in the bebop and modern jazz idiom. 

Chris utilizes his firm grasp on music theory to learn modern music through transcription, learning anything from Rock, Funk, R&B, Neo-Soul, to even Rap and Electronic music.

As a teacher, Chris hopes his students both become inspired by and feel confident in their ability to play the music they love to listen to.