Get Ready to SING!

Imagine your child: eyes sparkling with joy and face full of confidence, singing with his new choir friends.  With a song on her heart and lips, your child is bursting with excitement, and you couldn’t be more full of pride!

Singing isn’t just fun – it’s immensely good for you!  Singing…

  • Increases confidence
  • Lowers stress
  • Promotes healthy breathing
  • Builds a strong, healthy posture
  • Inspires self-expression
  • Fosters community
  • Promotes teamwork & interpersonal communication
  • Boosts the immune system

Plus, the process of learning music…

  • Enhances memory
  • Increases language skills
  • Builds sequencing skills
  • Introduces foreign languages
  • Fosters appreciation for other cultures and their music

So stand up tall, smile wide, and get ready to SING!

Interested in Choir?

4 + 11 =

Seedling Singers

A Choir For Children Ages 5 – 9

It is said that we sing before we talk.  And it’s true – children love to sing!  Seedling Singers takes your child’s natural love of singing and moving to develop healthy singing habits, fundamental musical knowledge, and rehearsal skills, taking his or her singing to the next level.  And, of course, we have a ton of fun doing it!

Your child will:

  • Learn healthy breathing habits for singing
  • Develop posture that promotes a beautiful singing voice and a strong body
  • Practice diction – the art of pronouncing words super clearly while singing
  • Explore all that his or her voice can do through pitch and color exploration
  • Develop his or her musical ear and pitch-matching abilities
  • Gain basic music theory skills
  • Learn how to follow a conductor
  • And put on an unforgettable performance!

Summer 2020 Session:

After a phenomenal inaugural summer in 2019, our Seedling Singers are returning in 2020!  


  • TBA


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  • Tuition TBA
  • Includes an exclusive Seedling Singers Summer 2020 t-shirt and a Harmony Garden bag of goodies!

I really admired their poise and confidence – I mean, they sang at the Renegades game, in front of such a large crowd in the hot, hot sun! It was inspiring to see them perform and to be so excited about doing so for their parents, for themselves, and for their young and amazing Director, Sam. 

~ Gisel, Seedling Singers Parent

Highlights from Seedling Singers Summer 2019