Baby Signs

Not knowing what their baby is thinking is a frustration that every parent is all too familiar with. If only we knew why he’s crying, what hurts, how the cat got covered in purple marker…

Before your baby or toddler can talk, it is as if you are both lost in a foreign country with no knowledge of the language. Luckily, we have hands that can take over when spoken words fail.

Think about it – your baby probably already waves hello and bye, lifts his arms when he wants to be picked up, tugs her ears when they hurt, and points to something he wants. These are natural signs that your child uses to communicate.

By harnessing babies’ natural use of basic signs, The Baby Signs Program:

  • Gives babies a natural, easy way to communicate before they can talk
  • Provides babies with the signs that they can use most easily to express their needs, thoughts, and feelings until they have words
  • Jump-starts communication and eliminates frustration for both babies and parents  
  • Gives parents the skills and knowledge to be comfortable using signs with their babies
  • Helps you open the world to you baby, while giving you a glimpse into your baby’s world, too
  • Increases babies’ vocabularies and IQ
  • Helps to strengthen your parent-baby bond through your own special language with each other

Ready to start signing with your baby?  Check our our Parent Workshops and Sign, Say & Play Classes below.

Baby Signs Parent Workshops

Are you a parent, grandparent, or other caregiver of a child under the age of 2?  A Baby Signs Parent Workshop is the perfect way to get signing with your baby!

At a Parent Workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Why signing with your baby is so beneficial
  • Over 20 signs you can use with your baby
  • When the best time is to start signing with your baby
  • How to teach signs to your baby
  • Fun ways to incorporate signing into your daily routines and play
  • How to follow your baby’s lead in creating and using new signs

Each participant will receive a packet of resources and to take home, as well as priority registration for upcoming Sign, Say & Play classes.  Plus, each family will be entered into a random drawing to win a copy of the “Baby Signs” book! 

Though this event is primarily for adults, babies are welcome to come. We’ll have plenty of toys to entertain them!  We also have limited spaces for you to bring your spouse or other family member at no additional charge (no more than two adults per family, please) – just ask!

Upcoming Parent Workshops:

More workshops coming soon!