In Kindermusik class, our toddlers have been rolling their hands and instruments to this fun rhyme:

Roly poly, roly poly, up, up, up!

Roly poly, roly poly, out, out, out.

Roly poly, roly poly, clap, clap, clap!

Roly poly, roly poly, lay them in your lap.

This is a delightful rhyme that the children love to perform – once they get the sequence of events down!

Sequencing skills are, in essence, the placement of things in a specific order to convey a meaning or complete a task.  While quite simple, sequencing is an important building block for more complex concepts, and one that is necessary for in areas like language and math.  And learning basic songs, rhymes, and movement patterns is an excellent way for young children to develop early sequencing skills.

Sequencing and Recall:

At its foundation, sequencing relies on recalling a series of steps.  Engaging in activities that require sequencing, like counting or singing a song’s words in the correct order, increase a child’s memory and recall.  This can help him or her also remember and retell a sequence of events, either in real life or in a story.

Sequencing in Language:

Sequencing can be as basic as arranging sounds in the correct order to form a word, or more complex, such as arranging words to form a meaningful sentence.  

Sequencing in Math:

When your child first counts “one, two, three…” she is sequencing these numbers in order.  As she gets older, she will follow a sequence of steps to solve a word problem or equation.

Sequencing in Completing Tasks:

If your child wants to make a PB&J sandwich, he’ll need to complete a series of tasks: getting the ingredients ready, spreading the peanut butter and jelly, then putting it together.  He will need the same sequencing skills when he’s learning to ride a bike, drive a car, and countless other tasks!

As your child learns the parts of a rhyme or song, he or she is remembering the different verses and putting them in order – a fun and easy way to exercise those sequencing muscles!

What are some of your child’s favorite rhymes or songs?

(About the photo – In our Kindermusik Level 3 class, preschoolers loved putting pieces in order – the correct sequence! – to make a rainbow.  Of course, after creating rainbows they rearranged the pieces to create other shapes, smiley faces, and race car tracks!)