Recently, I chatted with our teachers about including more community-based performance opportunities for our private lesson students. While the students gain many skills in their preparation for our formal recitals, there is also much to be learned from the act of service that is performing for others. The topic of bringing students to community centers such as nursing homes, fundraisers, and charity events elicited beautiful responses from our teachers. Here, I wanted to share Brianna’s thoughts on how music is a great connector between people:

“Music is a way for people across all walks of life to connect with one another and experience shared emotions. A 5 year old and a 95 year old who have lived completely opposite lives can experience the same visceral reaction from music just because of the way our brains are wired!

Playing music for other people or listening to music you love with other people can help to create a dialogue between groups of people that would otherwise go unconnected. Additionally, playing for adults/seniors/vets can help students to see how impactful and meaningful their music making is to other people and can motive them to be better musicians.

Teaching kids music isn’t just about learning a skill, it’s about showing them how something they enjoy can also be used for community engagement and growth, as well as making other people happy which ultimately just makes the world a nicer place to be in.”