“Hi, I’m Becker! I was made in 1914 and am originally from New York City. Because I am so tall, I’m considered an ‘upright grand’ piano.”

“Becker” came to us in the summer of 2019, when his previous owner (one of our lovely Kindermusik mamas) was moving cross-country and sadly unable to take him with. He was built in New York City by the Becker Brothers Piano Company. The company was formed in 1892 and only lasted until World War II. Its pianos were not many in number but were high quality and included many player pianos and the short-lived “square grand” style.

Based on his serial number and other markings on the sound board, we are pretty sure that our Becker was build in 1914. He’s a “Style 10A,” as seen in this 1918 Becker Brothers sales catalog

Our students are loving the big, warm sound Becker produces, and we are thrilled for him to be in his new home here at our studio!

Big thanks to Vincitore’s Pianos for moving Becker here!
(We’re soooooo glad he fit in the elevator!)
Kindermusik class takes a field trip to the other room to see how a piano works and meet Becker!
All the students love Becker!
Our piano teacher, Lisa, plays “Rootbeer Rag”
Becker gets his first tune-up!