Private Lesson FAQ’s

At what age can my child start lessons?

Our goal is to ensure that every young musician’s first experience is a positive one.  That’s why we offer complimentary “Meet & Greet” sessions with an instrument and an instructor to ensure that the instrument is the perfect fit for the student.

A child’s readiness to begin learning an instrument depends on several factors.  These can include the child’s:

  • Age & development – Does the child have a solid understanding of letters, numbers, and concepts like left & right, higher & lower, longer & shorter, and one-to-one correspondance (counting one sound/object for each number)?  These are all skills that are necessary to begin to make and understand music.
  • Physical size and fine motor strength – We LOVE it when a young student already has an instrument that he or she wants to learn.  Sometimes, though, that student may still be too small to physically handle the instrument or not yet have the finger strength and dexterity to use the instrument.  In these cases, there are usually similar alternatives that the student can begin with, and then transition to the larger instrument once they have grown a bit.  For example, a student not physically ready for the guitar may begin with the ukulele or piano.  Having started on the smaller instrument, he or she will already have lots of skills in place that will make learning it even easier!
  • Breath support – Some instruments – such as wind, brass, and voice – require the player to create sound with their breath.  Sustaining a sound requires a lot of control and breath support, something that develops as a child grows.  If a child really loves the flute but can’t quite support a sound on the instrument yet, the recorder would be a perfect alternative to start with.  

Here are some suggested ages for a student to start an instrument:

  • Piano: 4 (with the Wunderkeys method) or 5
  • Ukulele: 5-6
  • Guitar: 6-7
  • Voice 7
  • Violin, Viola, Cello: 8
  • Recorder: 5
  • Other Winds & Brass: 8

Contact us to set up your Meet & Greet session!

I'm an adult. Can I take lessons?

Absolutely!  Contact us to set up your Meet & Greet session!

How long are lessons?

This depends on the student’s age and level of experience. For beginners, we recommend starting with 30-minute lessons.  As the student develops experience and skills, the instructor will recommend increasing lesson time in order to maximize the student’s growth. All lessons meet once a week.

How much should my child practice?

This depends on the student’s age and experience.  Your instructor will recommend how long your child should practice each day.  Even more important than how many minutes your child practices, however, is the consistency of practice.  We’ll help you find the perfect practice routine for your child’s schedule so that daily practice becomes a FUN part of the day, rather than a tedious task.

How much do lessons cost?

Monthly tuition is charged to your securely-stored card on the 1st of each month.  You may update or change this information at any time in the Members section of the website.  A late fee is added to unpaid accounts after the 10th of the month.

2019-2020 Tuition (September 2019 – August 2020)

Monthly Tuition:

  • Weekly 30min lessons: $133 per student

Your Tuition Includes:

  • Your reserved time slot each week
  • Weekly lessons except when the studio closes for holidays (see schedule below)
  • Three built-in extra instructional weeks to account for any snow/emergency/illness cancelations – or, three extra free lessons if a lesson is never missed
  • All the music books your child will need!
  • The teacher’s time preparing for lessons


For no additional fee, your child is invited to participate in:

  • Two recitals each year (typically in May and November)
  • Two practice recitals each year (a couple of days prior to the main recital events)
  • Four exciting, thematic group classes scheduled throughout the year

Flat-Rate Tuition explained:  Your monthly tuition is the cost of twelve months’ worth of lessons (43 lessons) divided by twelve. This makes budgeting easy for everyone.  You are paying for 43 lessons and receive three additional built-in make-up lessons, two pre-recital practice events, and four group classes at no additional cost.

Do I need to buy books or sheet music?

Nope!  We’ll provide the student with all the books & sheet music he or she requires.

Do I need to buy or rent an instrument?

Practicing outside of the lesson is critical to the student’s growth and success.  If you do not have an instrument, we will be happy to help you find a high-quality instrument to purchase or rent.