You’re a new mom. You might even be a new mom who has just moved to a brand new town.  Your mom and sisters live hours away.  Your sleepless round-the-clock feeding schedule doesn’t exactly make your weekly lunch dates with friends too feasible anymore.  And, more likely than not, you’re feeling a bit lonely.  

What you need is your Mom Tribe – other local moms who get it. They understand the endless laundry and sleepless nights.  They have the same new-parent questions you have. They have little ones about the same age as yours, and don’t mind if lunch dates involve burp cloths.  

There are other new moms out there who feel the same way you do.  And they’re looking for their Mom Tribe, too.  So, how to go about finding each other?

The Internet is your friend.  Thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever to meet and chat with other like-minded moms without even having to leave the comfort of your couch.  Look for Facebook groups of moms in your town, or more specialized groups like groups for breastfeeding moms, preemie moms, or moms of twins. Sites like Macaroni Kid and are also a great resource for finding mom groups and family events in your area.

Put yourself out there.  Go where other moms are likely to be found.  Parks, playgrounds, and libraries that offer free or low-cost storytime programs for young children are a great place to start.  Casual settings like this are a great way to make friends with other moms – and a great way for your child to make friends, too.

Invite them over!  Have you just moved into a new neighborhood?  You’re probably not the only home on the block with a young child.  Welcome yourself into the neighborhood and make new friends by hosting a picnic for neighbor families with children of a similar age.  Not only will you make an awesome impression on your new neighbors, but you might even discover that a super babysitter lives right next door.

Team up during nap time.  Imagine this: your little one and your neighbor’s little one both nap at 10:30.  And you both are behind on folding laundry, or dying to catch up on last week’s episode of The Walking Dead.  Arrange for your children to have a naptime sleepover (probably in separate rooms to be sure the napping actually happens), and fold all of your laundry together, or catch up on tv together, or just have lunch.

Join a class.  Children’s classes aren’t just for the kids – they’re for the grown-ups, too!  Are you a yogi? Join a mommy & me yoga class.  Do you and your child love to sing and dance? Join a music class.  Not only will your child meet friends his or her age, but you’ll get to meet moms with the same interests as you.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Start it!  If you can’t find a local mom group, it’s probably just because no one has started one!  Create a group on Facebook or, post flyers at the local library or park, and invite local moms to a casual play date at the park.  You’ll probably meet lots of other local moms who have also been looking for their Mom Tribe, and you’ll get to have the joy of bringing them all together!