If you’re joining class virtually from home, we recommend gathering some simple class supplies: instruments, props, and other items to help you play along and make the experience uniquely your own! 

Instruments, of Course!

If you have Kindermusik or other instruments at home, gather them for class! We recommend basics like a shaker, bell, and drum.

If you don’t have these things, that’s okay! This is where at-home music class gets even more fun, because you get to make the experience creatively your own! Raid your kitchen for boxes of dry goods that can be used as shakers, measuring spoons that can be shaken like bells, tupperware and bowls to use like drums, and anything else you can turn into a noisemaker!

Of course, home-made instruments are always a blast. Soon we will be adding a blog post all about home-made instruments – and how you can get involved in a big instrument-creation bonanza!


Our colorful, floaty, squishy, peek-a-boo-perfect scarves are always a hit in class. If you don’t have one at home, instead get out a hand towel, pillowcase, or actual wrap-around-your-neck scarf. To mix things up, use facial tissues (which are great fun to tear up into “snowflakes”) or tissue paper for an extra crinkly sound.

Your Book

If we have been reading a book in class recently, get your copy from your home materials and follow along as we read it in class!

A Ball

I’m sure you have at least a dozen of these at home! In case we get out everyone’s favorite Kindermusik toy, have one or more of these handy 🙂

Quiet Time Supplies

Quiet time is likely going to look different for each family. In studio, we will probably turn the lights off and run our star machine while playing a relaxing song. If you have a star machine, turn yours on, too! Or, get out a (not too bright) flashlight and make your own stars on the ceiling, walls, floor, toes – just no eyes, please. You may choose to get out a soft blanket to snuggle and rock under. Your child may even want to get his or her favorite plushie to rock or make stars for. Or, your child may want bubbles!

Feel free to engage however you would like! The important part is that you are spending this time together. Model relaxing for your child by lying down, slowing your breathing, and maybe giving your little one a massage. It is in this way that we show our children HOW to consciously calm our bodies and minds. And in a high-stress time, that’s a biggie.

Show and Tell

It’s already an honor to be a part of your family’s lives every week. With virtual classes, it is even more of an honor as we join each other from home. Does your child have something special – a gift from Grandma, a pet – to show the class during gathering time? Bring that to class, too!