Children’s Choir FAQ’s

What should my child bring to each rehearsal?

Any music/lyric sheets to songs being learned, and a bottle of water.  A water cooler is available for anyone who needs a refill.

Do I need to stay during rehearsal?

You are not required to stay, but we ask that you return promptly at 5:30 to pick your child up.  For their safety, children are not permitted to travel the building hallways alone. Please walk with your child to and from the studio’s suite.  We also suggest visiting the bathroom prior to rehearsal. Should your child need to use the restroom during rehearsal, a Harmony Garden staff member will escort them down the hallway to and from the restroom, but will not enter the restroom.  

Is my child expected to practice at home?

Practicing at home will help your child learn the songs more quickly, feel more successful, and have an even more enjoyable time in rehearsals and performances!  We will provide your child with lyric sheets and recordings to review between rehearsals. We bet he or she will be itching to sing our newest song for you!

What if we need to miss a rehearsal due to vacation or illness?

No problem! Each singer will receive recordings and lyrics for all the music, so he/she will be able to  practice during the week and while traveling. PLUS, if you need to miss a rehearsal, we will video record it for you, so you can join in virtually when you are able!

Can we bring guests to the performances?

Absolutely! Your child will love seeing lots of proud, smiling, familiar faces in the crowd!  

What should my child wear to the performances?

For our Renegades performance on August 18, jeans and your choir t-shirt!  Our concert on August 19 is more formal, so please dress your child in black bottoms (slacks or a skirt), a white shirt, and nice shoes (no sneakers, please).