One of our Kindermusik children’s’ favorite class activities is ball play! Depending on the age of the class, children enjoy our squishy chime balls, sensory balls, and sometimes mini beach balls. We roll them, bounce them, toss them, and catch them.

Why ball play? In Kindermusik, we nurture the development of the whole child, not just musical skills. And ball play nurtures many cognitive and physical skills!

As children roll and bounce and toss a ball around, we label these movements, usually singing about them:

“Bounce that ball right down to town…”

“Keep the ball a-rolling…”

As we label these movements, children learn and physically practice new vocabulary words.

The physical act of grasping a ball and rolling or tossing it also strengthens gross and fine motor skills. When a child rolls or tosses a ball to another person, he or she is exercises motor planning as well as motor grading – how much force needs to be applied to propel the ball to that person. Catching a ball requires sophisticated hand-eye coordination.

Preschoolers enjoy rolling a ball back and forth to each other. This process doesn’t just exercise motor skills; it also builds important social skills like taking turns and the back-and-forth nature of conversation.

So go ahead, play ball!