Welcome to The Harmony Garden!

Come on in!  Kick off your shoes, leave the hustle and bustle of life outside, and delight in music for a little while.

The Harmony Garden is more than just a music studio.  Here, you’ll discover a “home away from home” where you’ll be welcomed into a supportive community that celebrates every parent and child, and in which students are inspired to create freely and express themselves with confidence.

Everyone is innately musical.  Some are singers, some play instruments, some dance, and some just love to listen!  No matter who you are, you are a musician with a passion and an expressive voice that can be nurtured and blossom into something beautiful.

We are dedicated to nurturing the holistic growth and development of every student – from babies to adults – starting where they are and moving at their perfect pace towards their unique goals, instilling a lifelong love of music and learning along the way.

And, recognizing that the parent is a child’s best teacher, we are passionate about empowering parents with the knowledge, confidence, and support you need to be the best parent you can be.

Most of all, we strive to provide a joyful experience, creating beautiful experiences for your family today that will last a lifetime of tomorrows.

As a member of our studio, you become a member of our Harmony Garden family.  We can’t wait to meet you!


Those who have visited the studio may have noticed that straight inside the studio doors is a plaque dedicating the studio to Russell Thomas, my grandfather.  He never made it to New York to see either of our studio’s locations, but I know he would be right at home sitting cross-legged in a corner listening to and slightly smiling (Heaven forbid someone see him smiling!) at the joyful sounds made by the children.  Maybe, just maybe, he does.

Prior to the opening of The Harmony Garden, I dreamed of opening a true studio for years, but didn’t have the courage. That changed when my family and I visited my grandfather in his new apartment the day before Memorial Day, 2013. While at a restaurant, I overheard my mom telling him about my new Kindermusik program and how delightful it was.  I’ll never forget his incredulous retort: “What do you mean? How do you teach music to babies?!”  He didn’t quite get the concept of early childhood education through music, but he was curious and proud.  As I got back into my car to drive home to New York, he said to me simply but earnestly, “Now, Rachel, you stay in business there.”  And there, the wheel was set in motion. I could not let down the man who had smiled through nearly a century of hardship. If he had the courage to survive the beaches of Normandy, the strength of heart to liberate the prisoners of Dackow, the kindness to bake and deliver bread door to door to home-bound community members​ each morning, the fortitude to raise three children by himself after his wife’s young passing, and the resolve to keep going after losing his sight in his 80’s, then I could at least muster the courage to follow a dream.  In less than two months, the first studio lease was signed.  And, on July 29th, 2013 – his 97th birthday – the studio welcomed children through its doors for the first time.

My grandfather never had much money, but he was certain that each of his children would have an instrument in hand and have a solid musical education; in his eyes, nothing was more important.  It’s a legacy that his children and all his grandchildren have carried on.  And, it’s a legacy that everyone who has been a part of the studio’s family has also shared.  I cannot thank you enough, for him, for that.

~ Rachel