The Harmony Garden Kindermusik program has been a staple in our lives since my children were 9 months old, and 2.5 years old.  It has been such a sweet bonding experience for us all to take the classes together and we’ve made our closest friends there too! Four years later we are now transitioning into the Young Child program. 

My children have grown through all stages of the program with Ms. Rachel.  She is the most patient and engaging teacher I’ve ever met and my children love her!  

What we hear and learn in our class, sticks with us all week.  We sing the songs, listen to the CD’s, read the stories and use the activities and instruments. 

There is nothing quite like seeing your small children connect with music and dance innocently in their own unique ways. 

Music and dance were an enormous part of my childhood, and adult life, and Kindermusik has been a wonderful way to introduce that experience to my children.  Seeing my son (now 6.5 years old) engage with Rachel and his new instrument (the glockenspiel) in his Young Child class shows just how much he has been learning and absorbing over the years.  We are so fortunate to have this foundation and plan to continue for years to come!