Watching our Kindermusik children learn and grow through music is truly one of the most magical and rewarding experiences! Our Kindermusik families know that musical experiences are important in a child’s earliest years. That’s why we are thrilled to feature one of our Marvelously Musical Families each month and learn more about why they proudly say “#welovekindermusik!”

Meet the Kelley Family!

“We have been in Ms. Rachel’s class since Bryce was 10 months old. She is now 28 months and enjoys each class we participate in including the extra classes which we love as well.  Each class has been enhanced with many different instruments. The new curriculum gives Bryce an understanding of music which enhances her growing body, mind and spirit.

“We enjoy the opportunity to participate in the class with Bryce and the other families. This has given us a chance to grow and learn with friends.

“Kindermusik is lucky to have Ms. Rachel as one of their music educators.  She is engaged with the children and excited about teaching the curriculum.  

“The environment is very play-based and nurturing… that helps Bryce grow along with others. Bryce has learned social skills, problem solving skills, and the love of music in the world around her.  It has been fun for our whole family to watch Bryce develop musically.”

– Erin & Michael Kelley